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  • 632 Procharged BBC

    1970 Nova 632 BBC

  • Start of chromoly cage

  • through firewall bars, brake and control arm upgrades

  • stainless sump and bungs added

  • clearance for oil pan and gear drive

  • engine installed and headers fitted

  • Header build

  • header build

  • Header build

  • 66 Nova

  • 66 Nova

  • 66 Nova

  • 66 Nova

    New Paint

  • 66 Nova Paint

  • 66 Nova

    25.1 Chassis

  • 66 Nova

    25.1 chassis

  • 66 Nova

    Fresh paint job

  • Column

    shortblock assembled with custom Diamond Pistons

  • ARP head studs are a MUST

  • 12 degree big chiefs

  • Topped with IRD dual needle and seat E85 blow through carb

  • T&D shaft rockers, ATI super damper and MSD crank trigger installed

  • Procharger F3R with gear drive installed, tac welding of stainless fittings

  • 5" piping finished, now to add the BOV'S

  • new cam install requires to Degree the cam

  • 406 sbc refresh job assembled and ready to hook up on the run stand

  • 406 back into the chevelle

  • 454 BBC short block assembled

  • 454 rebuild, with roller cam, FI-tech fuel injection finished and painted

  • getting setup on run stand for leak testes and setup of FI-tech fuel system.

  • 355 sbc marine engine fresh from the machine shop!

  • 355 marine engine assembly complete, flat top pistons, vortec heads, roller camshaft and topped off with quick fuel carb ready to be installed.

  • 383 top end swap, roller cam setup being degreed

  • new AFR heads for the 383, test check springs installed for measurments

  • 383 finished up before last few parts, paint and test stand time

  • Column

    350 sbc head repair , top end re-install

  • 350 SBC top end assembled and setting up on run stand to check for leakes

  • dodge 360 full rebuild

  • dodge 360 goodies,

  • dodge 360 being installed

  • 496 shaft rocker upgrade

  • 496 shaft rocker installed and lash adjusted

  • QA1 double adjustable shocks installed and being set.